About Cybalt

Cybalt is a security services company that provides end-to-end security solutions to help clients achieve their business goals. We provide clients with full security lifecycle services including cybersecurity advisory, security system integration, and end-to-end managed security.

We Believe

Enterprises need to embed security principles in every step...

...to make their business transformation journey sustainable and effective

Organizations are inundated with the noise from thousands of security products and platforms...

...that promise magic security solutions and protection against perpetual security threats

One-size-fits-all approach does not work in cybersecurity...

...organizations need a partner who listens to their specific needs and designs customized solutions

Enterprises are in a 24 X 7 cyberwar where the attackers need to get it right just once to achieve their objectives...

...enterprises can't make a single mistake while protecting themselves

Enterprises operate within their own business guidelines...

...but they need a service partner that gives them the agility and flexibility that meets their business model

Technology alone isn't enough to address security challenges...

...organizations need balanced approach of technology, processes and talent

What You Can Expect From Us

Security solutions and services at the speed of innovation to enable our customers to begin their digital transformation journey and grow their businesses

A comprehensive range of offerings across advisory, professional, and managed services

Agility in our approach and flexibility in our engagements to help clients improve their cybersecurity maturity and establish cybersecurity as one of their key business differentiators

SLA based outcome through a balanced blend of next-gen & proven technology solutions; skilled & trained professionals; and matured & established processes

Security programs that provide the right visibility into our client's threat landscape and take rapid incident response actions to minimize risk

Help enterprises reduce their technology complexity and enable them to achieve a better ROI from their existing investments

Access To Global Talent And The Ability To Serve In 30+ Countries

Global Headquarters

Plano, USA

Pittsburgh, USA

Ontario, Canada

Mexico City, Mexico

São Paulo, Brazil

Spanga, Sweden

Helsinki, Finland

Laksevag, Norway

Reading, United Kingdom

Limerick, Ireland

Hvidovre, Denmark

Utrecht, Netherlands

Zaventem, Belgium

Wangen, Switzerland

Rungis, France

Madrid, Spain

Unterschleissheim, Germany

Rome, Italy

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Duabi, UAE

Nairobi, Kenya

Mumbai, India

Banglore, India

Tokyo, Japan

Seoul, South Korea

Taipei City, Taiwan

Xuhui, China

Quarry Bay, Hong Kong

Makati City, Philippines

Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia


Bayswater, Australia

Auckland, New Zealand

Khiro Mishra Founding CEO

Khiro crafts the strategy and drives the execution to establish Cybalt as a global leader. Read More

Patrick McElhiney XDR Engineering Head

Patrick transitions clients into the Managed XDR platform as well as XDR Fusion. Read More

Anant Bhat XDR Delivery Head

Anant drives service excellence and delivery innovation to provide services in the most effective manner. Read More

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