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Healthcare providers are under increasing pressure to adopt information technology and improve patient care. However, this increased use of technology also introduces new cybersecurity risks that can jeopardize the privacy of patients and their data. The life-sciences and healthcare industries are under constant attack from cybercriminals. It is more important than ever for healthcare organizations to implement best practices to protect themselves from cyberattacks. The Ponemon Institute’s 2021 report on healthcare data breaches found that the average cost of a data breach is now USD 4.24 million, and the number of attacks is increasing every day. It's more important than ever for healthcare providers to have robust cybersecurity measures in place.

Here are some cybersecurity challenges and best practices to help protect your business.


  • The life-sciences and healthcare industries are a prime target for cybercriminals as healthcare data is extremely valuable on the black market
  • CISOs in life-sciences and healthcare industries have a limited budget to ensure the best security outcomes
  • Ensuring security for medical IoT devices

Best Practices

Implement and maintain zero-trust network segmentation

Implement a comprehensive data loss prevention solution

Educate employees about cybersecurity risks and best practices

Use strong passwords and multifactor authentication

Backup data frequently

Build a medical IoT security strategy

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