Application Security

Reduce downtime and safeguard business-critical data with application security solutions

Modern businesses are increasingly reliant on web and mobile applications to run their operations. However, these applications can be a major liability for businesses of all sizes as they are vulnerable to cyberattacks, which can lead to data theft, service outages, and other costly disruptions. Hackers frequently target unprotected applications in order to steal sensitive data or disturb business operations. Our application security services help mitigate the risks posed by unsecured applications by identifying vulnerabilities in your applications code and architecture during the build as well as production. We also help with the remediation to avoid costly security incidents.

Secure your applications at the coding level with Cybalt. Make them less vulnerable to cyber threats by controlling how the applications respond to unexpected inputs that exploit weaknesses. This gives your enterprise more control over the outcome of unexpected inputs making you immune to any breaches.

Outcomes You Can Expect

Cost-effectively secure and protect your business-critical applications throughout their lifecycle from development to production stage

We help you achieve your digital transformation objectives securely by embedding security in the devops process and remediating security vulnerabilities on time

Eliminate the risks associated with open-source libraries by performing software composition analyses and provide the appropriate remediation guidance

Advice and assistance in building effective DevSecOps programs to accelerate time-to-market for business-critical applications without compromising on security

Custom-designed training programs for software developers ensure the development of secure applications

Best-in-class customized solutions for your business

The Cybalt edge

  • Security-as-a-Service
  • Customized Offerings
  • End-to-End Services
  • Global Footprint
  • Cost Effective
  • Next-Gen Solutions

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