Technology, Media, and Telecom

The cybersecurity landscape in the media and telecom industry is becoming more difficult to navigate. Technology advancements are majorly focused on functional elements. Cybersecurity is always an afterthought making protection from cybercriminals difficult. Telecom organizations, on the other hand, have a massive attack surface, which is very difficult to monitor and manage from a cybersecurity perspective. These industries also collect massive amounts of end-user data for AI and machine learning and become a prime target for attackers.


  • Identifying and addressing vulnerabilities in applications
  • Lack of cybersecurity awareness and security best practices training for software developers
  • Lack of comprehensive incident detection and response capabilities
  • Managing risk associated with security device misconfigurations

Best Practices

Educate employees about cybersecurity risks and best practices

Build a program to maintain the inventory of assets and manage the associated risk

Implement and maintain zero-trust network segmentation

Implement comprehensive vulnerability management program

Implement a comprehensive identity access and governance

Knowledge Is Power

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