Identity and Access Management

Stop security breaches by ensuring that only authorized people can access your applications and systems

Effectively managing identities and access is a complex and time-consuming process that can often lead to security breaches. Everyday, businesses are faced with the challenge of managing user identities and access across an ever-growing number of applications and systems. As this complexity increases, so does the risk of security breaches. An Identity and Access Management (IAM) service provides a way to streamline the management of user identities and access permissions. IAM solutions can help organizations reduce the risk of security breaches, while also improving compliance posture and reducing costs.

Cybalt helps you identify, authorize, and authenticate different stakeholders who want access to a specific portal, an application or a network. Keep your enterprise safe from security breaches with a scalable solution that helps manage accesses and authorization of identities across the enterprise without compromising on operational efficiencies.

Identity and Access Management Services

Bringing you a wide array of innovative IAM solutions to meet your varied security needs.

Outcomes You Can Expect

An effective identity and access management program provides maximum security for your cloud adoption and digital transformation initiatives

Design, implementation, and management of end-to-end converged identity solutions-as-a-service reduces the complexity and total cost of ownership

By leveraging your existing solutions, we ensure you get the highest level of identity and access management

Deliver enhanced user experiences for employees, subcontractors, and partners while we authenticate various cloud and on-prem applications

The risks associated with the misuse of privileged user accounts are eliminated by implementing relevant solutions and effective repeatable processes

Compliance with regulatory requirements is ensured via an effective and mature identity access management program

Best-in-class customized solutions for your business

The Cybalt edge

  • Security-as-a-Service
  • Customized Offerings
  • End-to-End Services
  • Global Footprint
  • Cost Effective
  • Next-Gen Solutions

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