As businesses increasingly rely on technology to drive their production, the risk of cyberattacks also rises. Manufacturing companies are facing unique cybersecurity challenges as they strive to protect their valuable intellectual property and keep their systems operational. New security challenges arise as businesses adopt industry 4.0 technologies. In order to successfully transform industries 4.0, cybersecurity leaders must carefully evaluate these risks and take steps to mitigate these threats to protect the organization’s data and infrastructure and ensure business continuity.


  • Lack of visibility into OT assets and the vulnerabilities associated with them
  • Lack of coordination and collaboration between OT and IT organizations
  • Legacy Infrastructural OT systems cannot be patched for cybersecurity vulnerabilities
  • Lack of skillsets and understanding of security best practices related to network segmentation and zero-trust architecture

Best Practices

Build a comprehensive security strategy that addresses the cybersecurity risk associated with IT/OT convergence

Redesign the architecture to incorporate network segmentation and zero-trust

Implement passive security solutions to identify vulnerabilities and threat detection

Implement converged IT and OT security monitoring strategy

Knowledge is Power

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