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Cyberattacks On Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructures play a vital role in supporting modern society. Critical infrastructure attacks can be of great damage to an organization within its sector or it can have devastating impacts.

Developing An Effective Cybersecurity Strategy By The Numbers

To counter the ever evolving cyber threats facing organizations today, you, as an IT and business leader, must ensure you have an integrated approach to cybersecurity tailored to your particular

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Phishing And Ransomware Attacks

The notion that ransomware attacks may be on the decline after a relatively quieter period in late 2021 have quickly been dashed in early 2022. There have been twenty-seven publicly announced ransomware attacks

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Importance Of An Incident Response Plan

It is a process for organizations to identify, prioritize, contain and eradicate cyberattacks. The goal of incident response is to ensure that organizations are aware of significant security incidents

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Industry 4.0 Cyber Security Challenges - How Real It Is?

Many times “Industry 4.0” is considered just as a flashy catchphrase but many knows that it is a confluence of trends and technologies which promises to reshape the way things are made

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Public Wi-Fi Safety - Why It Is So Vulnerable To Attack?

In this digital world, there are so many places where we are vulnerable to cyber criminals' attacks. Mostly at the top of the list is when we are using public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi networks in the world are widely

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Supply Chain Risk Management – Where And How To Start?

Events over the past few years have taught us in no uncertain terms how important supply chains are and how we take them for granted. In the pre-pandemic years, if we wanted something, we went to the store

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The Growing Compliance Challenge

Information security management encompasses risk protections like cloud security, perimeter protection, application security, encryption, and disaster recovery. IT security becomes more challenging when compliance     

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The New Challenges For IoT Data Privacy And Data Integrity

Companies have historically managed assets such as property, plants, equipment, inventory, cash, and intellectual property. In today’s digital world, a new type of asset is emerging – data.

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What Are The Key Risks Of Digital Transformation?

Organizations face a drastic change in the working culture and growing business needs. Because of this, they need to embrace digitalization and aim for a significant transformation of their business and operating

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Why Cloud Security Is Crucial?

The benefits of reduced costs and complexity, flexible scalability, and lower per-unit cost organizations migrating their applications and data to the cloud. A number of studies suggest that the cloud

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Why Is Application Security Important For Business?

The rapid growth in the application security segment has been accelerated by the changing way enterprise apps have been constructed in the last several years. Gone are the days where an IT shop would take months to refine

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Why Vulnerability Management As A Service?

The Log4Shell Internet vulnerability identified in December 2021, affected millions of computers that used a piece of software, called Log4j, which records all manner of activities across a wide range of computer systems

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