Patrick McElhiney

XDR Engineering Head

As head of XDR Engineering at Cybalt, Patrick is responsible for transitioning clients into the Managed XDR platform as well as XDR Fusion. This includes overseeing the initial project, ensuring all deliverables are met on time, bringing the client into an effective managed service stance, and working with clients on their continued service maturity.

Patrick is a proven security professional with a track record of success and innovation across 10+ years in the industry. Specializing in cybersecurity and SIEM he has developed, designed, and created service offerings and implemented these following ITIL best practices. Patrick works closely with clients to gauge their pain points as a business, tailor solutions to meet their needs, drive immediate value, and heighten security posture.

Patrick has worked with a large number of clients, across a variety of verticals including fortune 100 insurers, electronics, chemical, and food production companies. He has also assisted clients in the energy, banking, healthcare, and power industries with their solution needs.

Prior to coming to Cybalt, Patrick had many years of experience as an engineer as well as a consultant, working directly with clients and their technologies. Most recently he created, built, and ran the SOC as a Service offering for NTT Security. Over the course of years, he has honed his expertise while building lasting relationships with his clients, staff, and colleagues.

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