Preventing deep fakes in the era of generative AI


The fight against misinformation has always been challenging. In recent years, Cybalt has encountered a sharp rise in the manipulation of content using AI. This eventually results in several deep fake cases. As a worrying scenario, AI has been largely misused to create fake news at a much faster pace. It has been more so with the ever-growing advancements in the AI field, causing financial as well as reputational damage.

The consequences of AI-generated fake content could be vindictive. It could lead to the well-planned dissemination of misinformation. It could also promote cyberattacks. The AI-generated content could be used by the hackers to create personalized spam messages or images with encapsulated dangerous code(s). This problem has been recognized by cybersecurity consultants and is the cause of major concern.

Identifying plagiarism and data manipulation

Furthermore, the deep fakes could also lead to an alarming increase in unethical practices such as plagiarism and intellectual property misuse. Cybalt has realized that AI technologies such as deep learning and computer vision are the main driving forces responsible for spreading deep fakes and image manipulation algorithms.

Staving off deep fakes during generative AI times.

Using better detection systems

Although preventing deep fakes can be a challenging task, we definitely plan to take the necessary measures to reduce the risk. At the elementary level, fake content can be detected and flagged for review by creating better detection systems. The researchers are helping the engineers create advanced algorithms to detect deep fakes with accuracy. Also, efforts are made to involve machine learning models in training. These models will surely enable effective recognition between real and fake information, in the form of audio and/or video.

Increasing awareness

Yet another effort to curb this menace could be to increase awareness. The potential risks must be addressed to avoid such content creation. We can achieve it through cybersecurity workshops, social media awareness, and related media campaigns.

Deploying identity verification systems (IVS)

Next, Cybalt ensures various trustworthy sources, like identity verification systems, to promote and encourage the use of reliable sources. For example, news and other media-related information. As a progressive solution, we identify and endorse reputable media outlets, ensuring a thorough fact-check of the information.

Using watermarks and digital signatures

The use of watermarks and digital signatures provides us with a unique attribute added to the content, thereby enabling and verifying content authenticity and preventing data tampering. We are also putting in our best efforts to build ethical AI models. These models are not only transparent but explainable and unbiased too, preventing the malicious use of AI technology and facilitating cybersecurity.

As the number of individuals acknowledge and add the digital signature, the probability of the video being real also increases. But we must follow and promote additional processes to authenticate the individuals acknowledging the audio and/or video content.

Employing blockchain technology

We employ blockchain technology as an efficient cybersecurity measure, as it is an effective enabler to store online data. This can be done without involving the centralized server(s). Unlike centralized servers, blockchains are supposedly tougher against various security threats due to hashes and digital signatures. For example, individuals could digitally sign and affirm the authenticity of audio and/or video content.

Building stricter legal measures

Last but not least, we must take significantly stricter legal measures to handle all such cases. We at Cybalt are really concerned about this issue and always initiate effective measures against deep faking and/or forged data. We achieve this goal by penalizing and imposing substantial fines to ensure that the information as well as individual security are not compromised.

Cybalt assures that self-regulatory measures must be taken in accordance with global regulation processes. We support a coordinated effort by the cybersecurity consulting firms to maintain a continuous pace with the advances in AI and curb the issue. Thus, we use a combination of technological solutions and user awareness to ensure the prevention of deep fakes in the era of generative AI.

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